Escape the trap society has set.

Are you tired of feeling weak, imprisoned, and forgotten?

If that sends a full F*CK YES through your body, like it did for me years ago, then you’ve landed in the right place. That’s exactly why I created the Fit and Free: Legacy Method. Society has been feeding us a fistful of lies that has left us trapped and incapable of building a true legacy.

That ends now!


After 20+ years of kicking ass and taking names in the Health Industry, I am finally ready to release an online course that I know will revolutionize the standards. 

These teachings are meant to provide men (and women) of today the opportunity to learn ancient wisdom and unlock the innate ability to transform all areas of their health, mentality, and lives. Fit & Free is specifically designed to stand apart from all other online courses  — meaning your journey through The Legacy Method also includes ways to cultivate yourself, your experience, and your relationship with life and everything in it. Not only will you have the highest quality coaching and guidance you’ve ever come across, you’ll create the richest and deepest experiences you’ve ever cultivated within yourself and life.

Stop living a lie, you know what you want.


The Physical Fitness and Health of your youth… in every aspect it exists.

Success & Joy… in all areas of your life.

The Sex Drive & Excitement… for your relationships you had during the glory years.

A legacy… one you can sit back and be proud of and lasts long after you are gone.

I’m telling you it’s possible.

Hell, I’m SHOWING you it’s possible. 

It’s time to break free from this suffocating cycle, to unleash the true power within. This is the call to rise, to reclaim the lost years, and to forge a path of greatness and fulfillment like no other.

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Doors open February 7th.

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The 9 Unorthodox and Unconventional Pillars “Time Forgot” That Guarantee Health and Longevity!

This guide is an absolute must-read for men hungry for an uncompromising shift of mind, body, and soul.

No fluff, no excuses, just relentless transformation that fits seamlessly into your jam-packed, no-nonsense schedule.

A private 1:1 call with Troy Casey (which has never been given away as a bonus before).

Two Bonus courses

  1. Breath Is Life where you will learn ancient breathing techniques to unlock the natural healing power of your body. 
  2. Stress Management where you will learn how to stay calm in any chaotic situation so you can overcome any challenges life may throw your way.

This is over $2000 Worth of Extra Value you will get when you sign up for the Fit and Free: Legacy Method.

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